11/26/12: Started adding some more information about Griffindell, The Silver Guard, and Locke Thorsen’s Squad.
Remember if you would like some bonus experience prepare a short story about your character, NPC’s you have created, or something that relates to your backstory that can be told before next session.


Ages have come and gone to Valadil and humanities great return from the Shadowfell to Orin is now just a tale of yore. The Northern Legion has long since been retired; the Holds finding little reason to maintain a joint military effort to protect Orin since the fall of Bane. Bards still sing The Hymn of the Bleak Watch.

In the wake of the Era of Upheaval the Northern Holds saw unprecedented prosperity. Towns bloomed into to cities and cities to metropolises. The delegate families capitalized on this growth and utilized their influence to create an even further gap between the have and have not’s. Feuds between the families became commonplace as they fought for control over the lands. In exchange for military service and loyalty the delegate families would sell their land to families of lesser influence thus becoming liege lords. Two hundred years of war followed as the newly risen delegate Lords wrestled for control of Orin. Minor feuds became bitter rivalries, and eventually deep seeded enmity between the peoples who aligned themselves with the Lords.

A strict class system now grasps the Northern Holds. Only the strongest Lords remain and claim sovereignty over their respective lands. A delicate web of politics keeps Orin in relative peace.

Chapter 1. The Atlas

The Ascendant Verses

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