Calen Ghar


Calen was born in Sirova, a small fishing village on the Verdant Isles, to Mirriam and Darren Ghar. At a young age, he had an interest in the freedom of the sea, and always took every chance he could to board a vessel. One day, as the sun was about to set, the village bells began to ring, signalling some sort of danger. The men took up arms, which wasn’t much, as gigantic, looming figures wearing dark armor with spikes and riding hellish fiends tore through the village. The villagers were slaughtered, being eviscerated in a bloody massacre by the dark, armored figures who hefted giant swords easily with one hand. Everything seemed to happen in an instant as Calen fled to the harbor, where he barely hopped onto the only vessel that was able to escape. As the small ship drifted into the sea, a tear rolled down Calen’s cheek while watching his home being burned to the ground. He looked around the ship, realizing that neither of his parents made it on board. He was alone.

Calen lived and worked on various sea vessels for most of his life, with the exception of gallavanting around port districts of many different coastal towns and cities. Drinking, gambling, and telling stories to wide-eyed cityfolk who had never been on a ship before, are his favorite hobbies.

More recently, Calen had been working on a vessel called the Ocean’s Cutlass, a semi-famous merchant ship led by Captain Marathus. Calen served as the right-hand man to the captain, identifying magic items, negotiating trades, as well as discerning the intentions of possible swindlers. Over the years, Calen and Marathus became good friends. One commonality between the two was their good-hearted nature, which was rare in the vast sea of vicious pirates and greedy businessmen.

One gloomy, windy day, the waves began to churn and toss, as the ship grew more difficult to steer. Another vessel appeared in the distance, and sped towards the Ocean’s Cutlass, seemingly unaffected by the torrential weather. As the ship approached, voices could be heard shouting in the distance. The Ocean’s Cutlass could hardly steer through the waves, much less defend itself from the oncoming attack.


Calen Ghar

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