Hoemar Whitefell

Short black hair, permanent five O' clock shadow, square jaw, gruff voice and God Damn Sexy!


Level 1 fighter

STR 17
DEX 18
CON 15
INT 13
WIS 14
CHA 14

HP 12

AC 18

Will 2

CMD 18


Point Blank Shot


Hoemar is an orphan but not one who would consider himself to have had a hard life. He was a handsome boy and was fortunate to have the body of someone older. He bounced from home to home and the story was always the same, women thought he was the cutest thing and would bring him home with them. A few days or weeks later they would kick him to the streets for Hoemar’s bad deeds would always catch up to him. See Hoemar couldn’t keep his hands to himself be it stealing or fighting he was always running from the law. Hoemar always used his good looks to get his way with adults, but other boys were immune to his dangerous good looks. At the age of 19 he had town guards breathing down his neck for some misunderstanding or another. Hoping to escape them he ditched into the military training grounds and smack dab into the arms of a lieutenant. Lieutenant Don Chambers sat with Hoemar and heard the young man’s story and as soon Hoemar finished he had a place in the military. The Lieutenant agreed to enlist him and get Hoemar’s past indiscretions dropped. Little did the boy know but all young men over the age of 18 were being forced to join the military and the guards were chasing him to enlist.

Summary of Hoemar: bright as a rock, great with a sword and bow and don’t forget Damn good looking.
He’s also adept with all things magic, why or how is still currently a mystery even to him.

Hoemar Whitefell

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