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Controlled By: Duke Oro’s Silvermark and The Silver Guard
Population: ~22,500(Large City)
Races: Chiefly Human, but rife with other races as the land permits
Notible NPC’s:

Griffindell has a unique shape is it curves around an open harbor. At the northwestern end, built high atop the Griffinridge cliffs, are the gleaming white marble palisades of Bastion Keep. A mighty fortress defensively built to keep watch over The Merchant Sea and all of Griffendell. Dozens of banners, white with silver borders and simple merchant ship carried on waves, stream from the walls. Wide switch-backs snake their way up the cliffside from the city proper. The docks and shipping facilities are among the most efficient along the coast and the city relies heavily on the ships that dock there. A large open marketplace dominates the northeast portion of the walled city, called The Peddlers Green. The Green is known for its well tended tropical gardens. There are also several large temples dedicated to various deities. To keep vermin from spreading too much into the city proper, cats are bred and encouraged to roam the city.

Laws of Griffindell

  • All persons entering Griffindell must register with the officials of a border garrison.
  • Foreign currency can only be used in certain locations. Please exchange your coins for Marks at your first opportunity.
  • Adventurers must acquire a charter before undertaking any operation as a group.
  • All weapons must be peace-bonded. The only persons exempt from this law are members of chartered adventuring groups and members of mercenary groups that can offer proof of employment.
  • Harming cats is forbidden.
  • Bow your head to royalty and the local nobility.
  • Silver Guards have the right to search you upon request.
  • Hunting on private land is forbidden.

Notible Locations:

  • Granite Gorge Tavern and Inn
  • The Albatross – Portside Tavern frequented by seafarers
  • Alverin Apothecary
  • Tupin’s Wonderous Emporium -
  • Griffindell Garrison – Located in the city proper. Staging area for many of the cities troops
  • Bastion Keep -
  • The Hall of Timeless Echo’s – Local Weavers Guild


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